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What to Wear with White Bear Featuring The Look Factory

The Look Factory
The Look Factory


What to Wear with White Bear Featuring The Look Factory

Ladies, festival season is upon us which means you need the look baby!  Well I found just the place to find it, The Look Factory!   Let me tell you the owner of this shop is uber talented.  Julie has degrees from university and law school and has also attended art school.  She is totally into vintage finds so she upcycles quite a bit.  Julie uses her daughter as a fashion consultant just like me! The pictures above are just a glimpse of the beautiful things that are in The Look Factory store.  Her bright colors and bold designs are classically bohemian.  Her hats and boots are to die for!  I am totally in love with the bohemian top hat that is in the center of this collage.  It is western meets gypsy and I adore it.  I think Calamity Jane, from Deadwood would have rocked this hat!  All of Julie’s dresses are twirl worthy.  I can just imagine spinning carefree in circles while listening to Led Zeppelin or Stevie Nicks.  She even jazzes things up a bit and has created a more sophisticated and dressy bohemian gown.  It is so sexy without revealing everything a girl owns if you get my drift *grins*.


Ok so I love the top hat so much I just have to pair it with my newest pair of earrings, NuriNuri, long dangle earrings, purple, copper, spiral, wire weave, wire wrapThe purple and copper in these earrings accentuates the gorgeous colors found in the hat!   They would also go beautifully with the bohemian gown.  The length of the earrings would lead down to the v neck of the gown creating an elongating affect.    Luljeta, copper statement necklace, statement necklace, jasper, blue sky jasper, teal, handcrafted, handmade


The Luljeta copper statement necklace would go perfectly with both of the dresses that are in the collage above.  The teal green and chocolate brown of the blue sky jasper is a breathtaking combination partnered with the rustic feel of bare copper.


Teal and purple are my two most favorite colors so of course I love to see them together. They make me think of flowers and oceans.  I just have to point out that these two colors are on the bell bottom jeans in the picture *melts in her chair*.  Both of the White Bear designs would go with these jeans.  I am wishing I had a pair.  I hope that you have fallen in love with The Looks Factory as much as I have.  If you are an etsy shopper please make her store one of your favorites.  I already have.


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As always ladies remember that you are beautiful just being you.  Don’t let the world tell you otherwise.  Let your soul shine through and your freedom play in your smile!


Much Love and Many Blessings,



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Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Why do we wear jewelry


Hey Besties!  Have you ever wondered why we wear all this shiny stuff? Why do we love to adorn ourselves with dripping jewels and metals?  Well, it all started about 75,000 years ago when man began to wear clothing, use tools and have their basic daily needs met.  They used any material they could get their hands on.  Early man used animal hides, pebbles, animal teeth, feathers, and plants to make their jewelry.  Three main areas, Egypt, India, and China, began expanding and perfecting metallurgy, glass making, and gem collecting.  India was the first area to devise new methods to use and collect gold making them one of the earliest civilizations to use jewelry in their everyday lives and in their religious beliefs.  This made them a well known place for trade.

Mermaid Cuff Bracelet, Why do we wear jewelry

But again Why do we wear jewelry?  This question has many answers.  It is believed by anthropologist and sociologists that early woman used jewelry as a type of mating ritual, a way to attract men,  much like male birds use their feathers and have intricate dances and rituals in order to attract a female.  Ladies, men are attracted to shiny stuff!  *giggles* It grabs their attention helping them to notice you! At least that is what the scientists say.  Jewelry has also been used to show social status and still in some places.  For example in India Hindu woman wear a decoration called a bindi.  This is often a red circle or a jewel.  The bindi shows the woman’s marital status.  Men will also wear a bindi showing off their social status.  Native Americans also used jewelry to delineate social status and religious distinction.  They used jewelry in their rituals and dances.  Many people also use jewelry as a way to identify with a religion or social order.  Christians wear crosses.  Jewish folks wear the star of David.  No matter the reason jewelry since its inception has led people to art and beauty through body decoration.  Today people wear jewelry as a social or emotional expression.  I wear my jewelry because it expresses my inner self.  Being yourself is often difficult and wearing jewelry that you love helps you to be yourself.  Wearing jewelry can also boost your self esteem, helping you to feel more beautiful.

Ice Princess Circlet, Bohemian bride, Why do we wear jewelry

Keep being Beautifully Free and Beautifully you!  Wear what makes you happy! And always remember that if you don’t see you in our designs we can design something just for you!



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What to Wear with White Bear

This week has been crazy busy for us here at White Bear Jewelry.  Creating a new line is always stressful, exciting, and ultimately fun.  This week I wanted to share a little bit with you about what goes on behind the scenes here at White Bear Jewelry, a little something about who helps me through my process and what inspires me to create.

What to Wear with White Bear Featuring the Crew

IMG_2605First, this is me!  Sarah Stewart-Skelton, designer and creator here at White Bear Jewelry.  I began making jewelry when I was first diagnosed with NASH (a liver disease that was discovered just a few years ago and is being studied).  I am not allowed to hold regular work because of the symptoms so I needed to find something that I loved and do it.  And I found shiny things and started putting them together! Since then I have reached out and learned so many new techniques.  I have obtained my certificate in jewelry design from The New York Institute of Art and Design in Manhattan, NYC.  So exciting for me YAY!!!  Wire working and simple metal working are my current forte but I am quickly learning more advanced metal working skills. So look out world here I come!  I am inspired by a lot of cultures around the world.  I have always valued my freedom and fantasized about the gypsy lifestyle.  So it was easy for me to design bohemian jewelry.  I am also inspired by Steampunk and enjoy tinkering with watches, watch parts and vintage findings.  I love nature and the glorious things that God has created.  The colors and textures found in nature are amazing.  I use natural objects such as gems and sea shells as much as I can.  I truly enjoy working with silver and copper.  I am also an artist and enjoy drawing and painting.  Patterns fascinate me.




This handsome man next to me is my husband Shawn Skelton.  He is my quality control man.  He inspects every item for jagged edges and wires that stick out.  He is not afraid to look at me and say “Is this wire supposed to be sticking out?” or “This part right here feels rough”. I am so thankful to him and his amazing sense of touch.  He also helps me make some design decisions when I get stuck, like “hey honey does this chain seem to be to big to you?” He is an awesome support system.  He always has my back physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I could never have asked for a better partner in crime.







This lovely young lady is my daughter, Angie.  She is my fashion trend consultant.  This girl has her finger on the pulse of fashion daily.  She wants to be a photographer and cosmetician when she grows up, which isn’t really that far away! UGH….LOL  She is a brilliant young lady with a bright future ahead of her no matter what she decides to do.








This little guy is William,  my youngest son and my apprentice.  Whenever I am working this little guy is right there with me.  When I finish a piece he eagerly runs it over to his dad for the quality control appraisal and then back to me for fixes or polishing.  He is so much fun to watch.  He is a very creative little man and enjoys playing with all of my tools and bits of large gauge wire.  I think he is going to be a musician, artist and jewelry designer when he gets older.  He just loves to create no matter the medium.









This cool dude is my son Nero!  He also loves to play with my tools and wire (not always when he is supposed to LOL).  He is my shipping assistant.  He helps me pack every piece that goes out to its new home.  Nero is an energetic 6 year old who loves to play video games, draw, and play outside.  When he grows up he would like to be “a chef, a fireman, or a policeman”.




IMG_2861   This is a little peek into what my worktable looks like on most creative days.  I surround myself with what I want to work on, materials that gave me ideas and put beautiful pictures in my head.  Most designers sit down and draw out what they want to create.  My creativity works a bit different.  I have to work on my ideas as they strike my brain.  A piece of wire, a bead, or a stone will tell me what I should do with it.  They call out their purposes to me.  I know it sounds a bit mystical but that’s what happens.  I am not the neatest of artists either.  My bench is usually cluttered and I constantly search for a tool that I just had and am now missing.  Teehee.  I find inspiration in common things like leaves and flowers and the wind.  My spirituality is really important to me.  I put a prayer in every piece.  I want my customers to have a feeling of peace and joy when they wear my creations.  I believe that every woman is exceptionally beautiful. God made them with purpose and personality!  Each woman should have a piece that is uniquely them.  A piece that when gazed upon feels like home, like it matches their inside, a soul mate in a jewelry sense.  I strive to make my jewelry like that.  I want you to feel that and to know that you can be Beautifully free and Beautifully you!


Many Blessings,




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What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Mimetik

What to Wear with White Bear featuring Mimetik
Mimetik Wedding Gowns

What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Mimetik

Wedding season is upon us Sisters!  So lets get the party started!  I was a boho bride!  I wanted to have a magickal wedding (yes magickal with a K) with the perfect bohemian everything!  But what in the heck makes a wedding bohemian? What do you wear? What flowers do you use?  Do you wear a veil or a headdress?  I know that I searched for what felt like forever for the right dress.  I wish that I had found the designer I am featuring today.  Mireia Solsona makes and designs gorgeous bohemian wedding dresses!  The collage above shows just a few of the gorgeous dresses in Mireia’s Etsy shop, Mimetik. She also designs beautiful bride’s maids dresses that your ladies would not be embarrassed to wear. *grins sheepishly*

Bohemian wedding dresses are just as beautiful and intricate as traditional wedding dresses.  However, they are not your typical frilly and princess poof dresses.  Boho dresses feature lots of lace and flowing fabrics.  They are both elegant and free spirited.  These dresses show off the true sexiness of being yourself on your special day.  There are no rules in a bohemian wedding.  Just like there are no rules to a bohemian wedding dress.  Mireia dresses are fantastically free spirited with rich romance sewn in.  She makes her dresses to fit your measurements so there are no sizing issues.  Mireia also designs everyday dresses that are as equally fabulous as her wedding designs.  She also designs dresses that can be worn in a myriad of ways.  Her brand is grounded in convertible fashion and inspired by the native costumes and fabrics that she came to adore.  You can see more of Mimetik’s gorgeous dresses at the Etsy Shop.

Now for a bit about the designer.  Mireia was originally an architect!  She loves to travel.  Through her travels she became very interested in the cultures and traditional costumes of those cultures.  This interest led to Mireia changing her profession and entered into the world of fashion design.  In 2007 she launched Mimetikbnc which is located in Barcelona, Spain.   Mireia is also very close to her family and has a white Labrador named, Pluto!  You can read more about Mireia on her Etsy profile.


You can pair these dresses with our new Bohemian Bride Jewelry line!  So make sure that you check out both Mimetik and White Bear’s beautiful free spirited creations.


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Be Beautifully Free. Be Beautifully You!