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What to Wear with White Bear Featuring RelishSav

What to Wear with White Bear featuring RelishSavWhat to Wear with White Bear Featuring RelishSav

Hello Besties!  I hope everyone’s days are going splendidly and you are all feeling beautiful.  This week I wanted to stop and take a look at a part of our ensemble that we sometimes ignore, the bag!   We all carry one big or small its makes no difference at all.  Some of us just walk around with a large wallet and some of us can swim in our bags (myself included).  We carry our lives in our bags so why not have the coolest bag possible. RelishSav is owned by Brad and Leslie Ciechanowski.  Leslie and Brad love the handmade.  They even made some of their home’s furniture!  They are talented designers and handmakers.  Their beautiful shop has everything from bowties and purses to home décor.  RelishSav is definitely worth checking out.

The clutches and purse in the picture above are just some of their beautiful creations.  Leslie enjoys working with silk, cotton, and exotic trims.  She then hand beads and embellishes her creations.  She uses glass beads, including Swarovski crystals, and sequins.  Her eye for the bohemian is out of this world.  Her color sense is fabulous! My favorite of the clutches is the pink and teal one!  These bags are perfect for a short trip out, a festival adventure or a hot night out on the town.

Now comes the question of exactly what White Bear pieces would look great with these clutches.  It is hard to answer.  I chose the Luljeta copper statement necklace.  It was newly added to our collection.  The chain and all copper components are bare copper and slightly aged.  The beautiful stones are Blue Sky Jasper which has a rich turquoise and chocolate color. The colors would bounce off any of RelishSav’s clutches and add to their brilliance.  Luljeta, copper statement necklace, statement necklace, jasper, blue sky jasper, teal, handcrafted, handmade

Besties, we all know that your accessories can make or break your outfit.  They not only accentuate your clothing but your personal style and uniqueness.  I sincerely hope that you will go and check out Brad and Leslie’s cool etsy shop, RelishSav. You might even find a little something for the special one in your life.  Don’t forget to embrace your uniqueness.  Its what makes you gloriously beautiful and immodestly you!


Many blessings and a ton of love,




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