Thistle Magnesite Lariat Necklace


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The Thistle Magnesite Lariat Necklace is a truly fun piece of jewelry to add to your wardrobe.  It is a versatile design that allows you to wear the necklace at an opera length or wrapped around your neck to produce a choker effect.  Silver coated copper is wrapped with purple and pink glass beads to make a fantastic hand linked chain.  The tassel is made from silver coated copper as well.  Each end of the tassel holds a Magnesite tear dropped shaped bead.  Two of the beads have been dyed a deep berry color and the third bead has been dyed magenta pink.


Thistle Magnesite Lariat Necklace at a Glance

* Long and exciting lariat necklace that when worn long gently rests on your chest

*Can be worn long or choker style

*features Magnesite stones


Informational Links

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