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The Beauty of a Woman

The Beauty of a Woman

One of the missions that White Bear Jewelry has is to showcase the beauty, strength and spirit of women everywhere.  As a part of fulfilling this special mission I have combed through tons of photos of the absolutely beautiful women in order to bring you this video called The Beauty of a Woman.

I want to say a special thank you to all the ladies in the video: Angie Skelton, Kelsea Dunn, Rita Meneses, Maureen Cervantes, Dianna and Alayna Matthews, Lucyann and Brittany Saturino, Christine Lewis, Chelley Kraft, Grace Brown, Diane Reynolds, Jamie and Carin White, Lynn Heiss, Myra Jeffrey, Jessica Coulter, Jessica Quinn, Regina James, Phyllis Christaldi, Sarah Combs, Susan Fuchs, Stephanie Taylor, Stephanie Hall, Dana McLaughlin, Kathleen Cook, Michelle Ortiz, Marquita Robinson, Stephanie Dobos, and Denise Ernest.  Without you this project would have never been conceived because I have the most beautiful women in the world to inspire me.  You have all taught me that the beauty of a woman is not only in her face or the curves of her body but in the smile she wears, the love in her heart, and the strength in her soul.

There is so much body shaming going on in today’s world that it is scary. Women of the world stand up together and change the face of beauty.  Our daughters grow up believing they must a certain size, have a certain hair color, paint on their faces and wear next to nothing to be beautiful.  Somewhere the sexiness found in the mystery of a woman has been lost.

I chose Firework by Katy Perry as the song to accompany the movie. I hope the reasons for this are as evident to you as they are to me.


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What to Wear with White Bear

What to Wear with White Bear
Clothing by Blonde Vagabond

What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Blonde Vagabond

Welcome to the new What to Wear with White Bear segment.   Last week I let you know that I would begin to scour the cyber universe to find gorgeous handmade clothing, shoes and accessories that would rock with some of our jewelry.  As most of you know already *big cheesy grin* I have a gypsy soul and it comes out in my jewelry.  I have always loved the idea of gypsies.  These free people that travel in awesome little caravans who dance and sing and tell fortunes.  I know it is a bit romanticized but there it is.  Everyone has a fantasy and mine is to be a gypsy!  Now back to the article *giggle snort* I have spent the last week searching through etsy to find a fashion designer and maker that sparked my wild side.  I came across Alisha von Fleck  and her awesome store Blonde Vagabond.  Alisha hails from Northern California and spends her time traveling.  In the about section on Etsy she explains that she spends time in India, Thailand and Brazil.  She is inspired by different cultures and tribes that she has fortunately met in her wanderings.

I was floored by the beautiful colors and patterns that are in the textiles that she uses in her dresses.  They inspired the artist in me and I felt the need to gather my pen and paper and start drawing.   Alisha designs the dresses so that they can be worn in many different ways.  My absolute favorite element is the hood!  It adds a bit of mystery and sexiness. I love that the hoods are large and don’t restrain the hair of the models.  The dresses aren’t just mini.  Alisha also makes longer versions to wear like a tunic and maxi dresses.  Who doesn’t adore a maxi dress?!  If you love her look like I do please check out her links below.  She is also on instagram @blonde_Vagabond.  I have already followed her.  I suggest you do the same.  Alisha also has a blog so make sure to check that out.

Here are the links to Blonde Vagabond’s pages.  Please check them out and if you belong to etsy love her shop and add her to your favorites.  I have and I am super excited to see what she comes out with next.

Blonde Vagabond on Etsy

Blonde Vagabond on Facebook

Oh and if you do purchase something for Alisha make sure to send her a picture of you wearing what you bought for 10% off your next purchase!

My friends never forget to stay true to who you are.  Don’t let society back you into a corner and make you turn your individual spirit into conformity.  Speak out against what is wrong and speak up for what is right.  Let Freedom Live my friends.  She should never perish from this Earth.


P.S. If you know a handmade designer and think that they match the style of White Bear Jewelry let me know.  I would love to feature them! Until next time I will continue to seek after awesome designers for you!




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What to Wear with White Bear

As a part of giving you the most beautiful and unique jewelry on the web, I want you to know what to wear with it!  Every week I will be putting together an outfit from items I find on the net and sharing them with you.  So keep an eye out each week for the What to Wear with White Bear post.

This week I found some beautiful boho items that would spice up your spring and summer wardrobe.


Boho outfit week 1The skirt is a fun maxi skirt made by Bankokpants.  I found this skirt on Amazon.  It has gorgeous colors and features a mandala and lace pattern.

Bankokpants Women’s Long Hippie Bohemian Skirt Flowers                                                On Sale $17.95


The shirt, by Anna Kaci, is an off the shoulder boho style smocked waist top.  I also found this on amazon.  It comes in three colors.  The black is a perfect accent to the maxi shirt helping its brilliant colors pop!

Anna-Kaci Boho Style Smocked Waist Top


Where can I start with those absolutely adorable sandals by Not Rated?  The fringe…the black chain accents…These shoes are just a must have.  They go perfectly into a boho wardrobe and accent the skirt perfectly!   Again I found these must haves on

Not Rated Women’s Keep the Peace Dress Sandal                                                                              $49.99


I have accented the outfit with two pieces of White Bear’s Boho Heaven line.

Taliesin Turquiose Magnesite Earrings, Magnesite jewelry, magnesite jewelry

Taliesin Turquoise Magnesite Earrings match the teal color in the skirt magnificently.  These earrings will pop as they dangle down from your delicate earlobes.

Magnesite Pendant

The Skye pendant just screams out beauty when paired with the black off the shoulder shirt.  The black leather cord ties the pendant into the entire outfit.



I challenge you all to go out and find pieces that inspire the gypsy in you.  See you next week with more of What to Wear with White Bear!

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Amethyst: The Royal Stone

Amethyst: The Royal StoneAmethyst: The Royal Stone

Amethyst is the purple member of the quartz family. Its color can range from a light lilac to a deep royal purple. It can also range from a more brownish purple to a very vivid purple. Amethyst also has color zoning, a phenomenon in this case that makes the color go from dark to light. Amethyst can be found in clusters or in single crystals in nature. It is often cut or tumbled to be used in jewelry.

Fine amethyst stones have been used in religious and royal jewelry since ancient times. The gem as described by Moses has been used as a symbol of God in the official robes of the High Priest of the Jews. Empress Catherine the Great of Russia sent thousands of miners into the Ural Mountains in search of the stone. Amethyst has been worn on the fingers of bishops and is used in the coronation regalia for British royalty. The ancient Greeks associated the stone with Bacchus, the god of wine, because of its wine like color. The gem’s name comes from the Greek word, Amethystos, meaning not intoxicated. The ancient Greeks believed that wearing Amethyst would prevent you from becoming drunk and help you to keep a clear head during festival season, which is in February. The ancients also used the gem as the birthstone for Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries. In modern times the gem is the birthstone of February. It is used to celebrate the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

Amethyst: The Royal StoneMetaphysical Properties

Amethyst is known as one of the power stones. It has been used for many years to open the psychic and spiritual centers. The stone is associated with the Zodiac sign Pisces. Its planet is Saturn. It is also coupled with the Crown chakra. The stone has been used as a power, protection, and wisdom stone through the centuries. The Egyptians used the gem to protect against guilty and fearful feelings. It has also been used to protect against self-deception and witchcraft. It is also a great stone to use during meditation when worn as a necklace. It also symbolized piety, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. It is also known as the Bishop’s stone and is still worn by Catholic Bishops.

Healing Properties

Amethyst is a stone that focuses a healer’s energy when worn by the healer and placed on the heart and lungs of the person to be healed. It is known to help with maladies of the heart and with breathing and lung issues. Crystal clusters help to purify the air and keep the life force of a home positive. Placing crystal clusters, single crystals or several tumbled stones in a window that receives sun for the majority of the day will help to healing the body and to heal negative energy in the home. Placing them in the moonlight helps to increase the feeling of calmness in your home. Rubbing the stone on your forehead will help to cure a headache. The gem also helps to increase positive spiritual feelings, reduce fear and anxiety and curb cravings.

*White Bear jewelry has gathered this information from sources found below.  If you have a medical condition please consult a medical professional.  White Bear Jewelry is not a medical professional.  Alternative healing sources can be consulted after traditional healing sources.  Please see a medical professional if you are experiencing any of the above medical issues.

amethyst raindrops necklace


Source Links

“Amethyst” by

“Amethyst” by GIA

“Amethyst” by


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Magnesite: The Seeing Stone

Sterling Silver and Magnesite Necklace

Magnesite is also known as White Turquoise and Wild Horse Turquoise.  However, it is not actually Turquoise but a mineral from the Calcite group. The mineral is formed when magnesium rich rocks are exposed to carbon dioxide rich water.  Magnesite can also contain iron and calcium. It can be both sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock.  Most commonly found in white, Magnesite can also be found in gray, yellow, brown, orange, light pink or colorless.  The ore often has a white streak. It is rare to find the mineral in a crystalline form but when it is the crystal are rhombohedron.  Its hardness on the Mohs scale ranges from 3.5 to 4.5.  Its luster is vitreous.  Magnesite is found in the USA, South America, Western Europe, China and Tanzania.

Magnesite was used by Native American tribes as currency and in jewelry as beads.  The beads were traded individually for other goods and not in strands like regular beads.  Magnesite was considered to be more valuable.

The mineral can be easily dyed bold colors including the blue-green color of turquoise and is a cheaper alternative to that stone.  It is easily scratched and should only be cleaned with water and a soft cloth.



Metaphysical properties of Magnesite

The gem is an ancient birthstone for the zodiac sign Aries.  It is highly associated with the heart, crown, and third eye chakras.  Magnesite has a soothing vibration which makes it extremely valuable during meditation and creative visualization.   It is said that the ore stimulates the third eye chakra enhancing one’s ability to have psychic visions.  It also enhances the clarity of these visions.   Magnesite stimulates communication between the heart and crown chakras.  This makes it easier for one to connect with their inner self.  Your ability to see and understand another person’s perspective and emotions is also heightened.   The stone is also known to increase a person’s self-esteem and help one to find their true self. 

Aisling Magnesite Earrings


Healing Properties

 Magnesite has a great detoxifying effect on the body, helping to correct bad breath and body odor.  It also assists in healing the gall bladder, stomach issues, and migraines, issues with the vascular system, blood clots, magnesium deficiencies, and high cholesterol.

The gem also helps with emotional stability by promoting a positive attitude, relaxation and calmness.  The mineral also helps with anxiety and irritability.

Taliesin Turquiose Magnesite Earrings, Magnesite jewelry, magnesite jewelry


How to Use the Stone

The best way to use this gem to is hold it close to your skin while meditating to increase calmness, increase focus and to enhance psychic visions.  It can also be worn as jewelry to improve your mood, decrease anxiety, and to help with creative visualization. 

As always White Bear Jewelry suggests that if you are having health issues to please seek help with a medical professional.  The information contained in this article is for information purposes and is not meant to be used in exchange for true medical advice. 


Source Links

Magnesite” by Amethyst Galleries

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The Mineral Magnesite” by

Magnesite Healing Stones” by Crystal Rocks and Gems

White Magnesite” by Firemountain Gems





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Tiger’s Eye: The Harmonious Stone

Tiger's Eye, tigers eye, tigereye, tiger eye

Tiger’s Eye is from the quartz family.  It is formed when quartz grows over crocidolite.  Crocidolite is a type of asbestos with a bluish-gray color.   It is made of very fine dense fibers.  The crocidolite’s iron dyes the quartz crystal as they overtake the fibers. This is what gives the Tiger’s eye its golden brown or golden red color.  The fibers are parallel to one another and are wavy. This causes the chatoyant effect that is seen in the stone. If the process is not complete the crocidolite may still be seen and retains its blue color.  This is called Blue Tiger’s eye or Hawk’s eye.  It can also combine with hematite or limonite.  This forms streaks and patterns in the stone known as The Tiger’s Eye Matrix.

Tiger’s eye has a hardness between 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Its luster is silky.  It is the stone of the 39th anniversary and in ancient times was the birthstone for November.

Hazelbrook tigers eye tree of life necklace, necklace, sterling silver jewelry, silver jewelry, sterling silver filled jewelry, tree of life pendant, tree of life jewelry, tigers eye, Tiger's Eye jewelry, Tiger's eye, Tiger's eye tree of life

Metaphysical Properties of Tiger’s Eye

This gem is associated with the root chakra, thus being known as a grounding stone.  It helps to calm the emotions, fear and anxiety.  It also calms the mind enhancing a person’s ability to concentrate.  For these two reasons, Tiger’s Eye is the perfect stone to hold while meditating.  It aids in self esteem and courage.  The gem also helps your to fight off negative energy for outside influences.  Zodiologically, the stone is aligned with Pisces, Capricorn, and Gemini and is associated with the planet Mercury.  It is believed that when worn or carried close to the body for most of the day the stone is more powerful.

 Eye of the Tiger Cuff Bracelet, silver cuff bracelet, silver bracelet, Tiger's eye bracelet, Tiger's eye, silver Jewelry

Physical Healing Properties

Tiger’s eye is known for its ability to balance your system.  It is great for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma.  It is also great for balancing the emotions and to help calm anxiety and depression. It is also known to help in the healing process of broken bones.

White Bear Jewelry is not giving medical advice.  If you are experiencing any of these conditions please consult a medical practitioner. Please do not stop medical treatment. This is for informational purposes only and can be used in conjunction with proper medical treatment.


Source Links

Healing Crystals for You


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Be Free Be You!

Be Free Be You! It is so important to be yourself.  You were created as a unique and special person and should celebrate that everyday.  In celebration of everything that is you, White Bear Jewelry is offering you a special 20% off discount!  Here is the clincher!  We are only giving it until midnight on October 13,2015.  So hurry now and get your favs for less.



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Titanium: The Cure for Your Metal Allergy

If you are like me you are a very sensitive person and I am not just talking emotions.  My skin is sensitive to literally everything; scents, perfumes, dyes, and nickel are big no no’s for me.  So wearing earrings was also a big no because the ear posts inevitably caused my lobes to swell, itch, and become just plain unbearable.  I had given up on wearing earrings of any sort.  I loved to wear sterling silver but even that had become a nightmare.  I was always jealous of the cute earrings that my mother would wear.  She quite literally has a pair for everything!  We would ogle all the costume earrings in every store we went to and that is all I could do was stare and say “Hey mom, you should get these ones!  I would totally wear them”.   When I began to create jewelry I desperately wanted to make myself a pair of earrings.  I felt horrible because I couldn’t and I started to think about all the ladies out there in my same situation.  There had to be a solution to our metal allergy.  There just had to be!  I spent hours on the internet searching for a metal that wouldn’t cause all of my issues.  I came across titanium…it just had to be the miracle I was looking for!  Titanium is 100% biocompatible meaning it doesn’t cause that itchy, swelling and painful reaction.  It is used in knee and hip transplants and for pinning broken bones.  But could it be used in jewelry? Did they sell it in a form that I could shape into earring wires and hooks?   So I began to search in all the known places for titanium wire.  And I found it!! I was so excited I ordered it right away.  When I got the wire, I learned two very important things.  Titanium is very strong (as strong as steel) and was very light weight (about 60% lighter than steel).  I was in heaven.  I immediately set out to make myself an experimental set of earrings.  I wore them for hours at a time.  I even slept in them.  Guess what?!  No reaction at all.  I was still a bit weary.  My daughter asked if we could get second piercings in our ears and since she did so well on her report card I took her out and we priced out our earrings.  You will never believe it, they had a set of titanium piercing earrings.  So I jumped on it.  I have worn those studs in my ears for over  a year now without removing them and still no reaction.  That is why titanium ear wires are now a signature here at White Bear Jewelry.  Every woman should have the chance to feel beautiful and to experience the ability to own any cute pair of earrings they want!  So take a look around and don’t be afraid White Bear earrings won’t get a reaction other than the compliments of your friends.