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Fall 2016 Color Report


White Bear Jewelry Fall 2016 Color Report


Fall 2016 color report                         Summer is almost over…bummer right?! School is back in session (for us parents YAY!!) work hours seem to last longer as the days start to grow shorter.  If it weren’t for the gorgeous colors of fall this would all be very depressing.  Each year color experts at the Pantone color Institute scour through all of the fashion and design industries to predict the “it” colors for future seasons.  And…since fall is almost upon us I wanted to share their exciting color predictions for the fall 2016 season.  So grab your coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy White Bear’s Fall 2016 Color Report!


    Aurora Red

Maqgma Red Coral and Copper Earrings, copper earrings, coral earrings, red coral, copper jewelry, titanium
Magma Red Coral and Copper bracelet, copper bracelet, copper jewelry, coral jewelry, red coral, red coral jewelry, red coral braceletAurora Red has to be my favorite color for the fall season.  I love seeing bright colors in otherwise drab situations.  Red is also the most beautiful color of fall.  When the leaves turn and all the trees are on fire with color ignites a fire in my creative soul.  Combining aurora red with cooper is stunningly warm.  This color will definitely transition into winter well helping the traditional black and gray blahness of winter with bursts of color. Our magma coral and copper earrings and bracelet embrace aurora red and will add warmth to any fall or winter outfit.

Riverside, Potter’s Clay and Sharkskin

Shell Storm Wrap Bracelet Riverside and potter’s clay make a very earthy combination.  They remind me of earth and sky and spark all kinds of creative thinking.  You can dress these colors up or add them to any casual outfit.  Tangerine Summer Wrap BraceletI have added small sea shells to these colors as well which brought in a bit of the sharkskin gray. Combining all three of these colors makes the riverside and potter’s clay really pop.  The seashells also add to the earthy vibe of our two bracelets.


Dusty Cedar and Warm Taupe

Dusty cedar feels a bit like traditional rose or mauve.  Warm taupe is a classic neutral tone.  These colors add elegance and grace to the fall season.  These two are more for the introverted at heart not standing out but still drawing attention through their subtle beauty. Dusty Cedar and Warm taupe are both very feminine.

Bronte rhodondite pendant, Bronte necklace, necklace, pendant, wire wrapped pendant, wire weave, handcrafted, one of a kind, one-of-a-kind,

Airy Blue and Lush Meadow

Aventurine and blue glass earringsaventurine scrollsThese two colors remind me of earth and sky, an endless field that stretches out to meet the glorious horizon.  They are the tale end of summer.  Fresh colors in an ever graying world.  Blue and green are both calming colors.  They trigger our minds to send peace to our bodies. Not to mention they look fabulous together!




Bodacious and Spicy Mustard

teardrop shield chandaleir earrings

I have left the bold and the beautiful colors, Bodacious and Spicy Mustard, for last.  These two awesomely rich hues will make your fall wardrobe jump with excitement.  They take me back to the fashion of the 80’s with bright makeup and outlandish designs that rocked the world.  You know the times when even men wore eyeshadow and had big hair!  HA!

Festival dangle earrings


I love this season’s colors.  Whether you are fierce or soft and romantic, fall 2016 meets all of your needs.  Keep your eyes out for new designs arriving soon.




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Why Do We Wear Jewelry?

Why do we wear jewelry


Hey Besties!  Have you ever wondered why we wear all this shiny stuff? Why do we love to adorn ourselves with dripping jewels and metals?  Well, it all started about 75,000 years ago when man began to wear clothing, use tools and have their basic daily needs met.  They used any material they could get their hands on.  Early man used animal hides, pebbles, animal teeth, feathers, and plants to make their jewelry.  Three main areas, Egypt, India, and China, began expanding and perfecting metallurgy, glass making, and gem collecting.  India was the first area to devise new methods to use and collect gold making them one of the earliest civilizations to use jewelry in their everyday lives and in their religious beliefs.  This made them a well known place for trade.

Mermaid Cuff Bracelet, Why do we wear jewelry

But again Why do we wear jewelry?  This question has many answers.  It is believed by anthropologist and sociologists that early woman used jewelry as a type of mating ritual, a way to attract men,  much like male birds use their feathers and have intricate dances and rituals in order to attract a female.  Ladies, men are attracted to shiny stuff!  *giggles* It grabs their attention helping them to notice you! At least that is what the scientists say.  Jewelry has also been used to show social status and still in some places.  For example in India Hindu woman wear a decoration called a bindi.  This is often a red circle or a jewel.  The bindi shows the woman’s marital status.  Men will also wear a bindi showing off their social status.  Native Americans also used jewelry to delineate social status and religious distinction.  They used jewelry in their rituals and dances.  Many people also use jewelry as a way to identify with a religion or social order.  Christians wear crosses.  Jewish folks wear the star of David.  No matter the reason jewelry since its inception has led people to art and beauty through body decoration.  Today people wear jewelry as a social or emotional expression.  I wear my jewelry because it expresses my inner self.  Being yourself is often difficult and wearing jewelry that you love helps you to be yourself.  Wearing jewelry can also boost your self esteem, helping you to feel more beautiful.

Ice Princess Circlet, Bohemian bride, Why do we wear jewelry

Keep being Beautifully Free and Beautifully you!  Wear what makes you happy! And always remember that if you don’t see you in our designs we can design something just for you!



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What to Wear with White Bear

week four

What to Wear with White Bear

Wow! Is it Friday already?!  I know I am not the only one that is happy to see the weekend arrive.  I have a deep yearning for spring and summer and the sun and blue sky finally came out in my neck of the woods today.  The blue sky is my inspiration for this outfit.

Let’s start with the dress.  It is by Soul Flower and is tie dyed with blue and pink tones.  There are two different colors of this dress.  The one I chose is called Ocean, the other is pink.  The dress is 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex for a little bit of stretch.  It is ethically made in Nepal.

Lotus Stack Tie Dye Dress                                                      $45.00

The sandals are absolutely adorable!  They are the Boho Fringe Sandal by Bomshell Boutique in the color Mint.  They have rubber soles and zipper backs. the fringe and straps are all genuine suede. The fringe is further detailed with metal studs.  These sandals are flat making them easy to wear all day.

Boho Fringe Sandals                                                                  $29.99


Lake Copper Bracelet, Magnesite copper bracelet, copper bracelet, magnesite, wild horse turquoiseI chose two really fun White Bear Jewelry pieces.  The first is the Lake bracelet in copper.  The bracelet is adjustable and made from a very thick gauge copper wire that has been forged in places to increase the strength of the bracelet.  It has a great rectangular Magnesite bead that sits on the top of the wrist.  It is a beautiful blue color that can easily be compared to a blue sky or the Caribbean Sea.

The second piece I chose are the Aisling Earrings. Aisling Magnesite Earrings These earrings are great fun.  The puffed circle Magnesite beads have gorgeous crack lines that run through out the stones.  They dangle from copper headpins and titanium earwires.

This week is all about spring.  It is during the bleakest parts of winter that we need to splash color all over the place!  This can also be worn with leggings and a shrug, making it great for this time of the year as well.  I pray that spring blesses you early this year.  Inspiration comes from every angle so get out there and get inspired.


— Sarah

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What to Wear with White Bear

As a part of giving you the most beautiful and unique jewelry on the web, I want you to know what to wear with it!  Every week I will be putting together an outfit from items I find on the net and sharing them with you.  So keep an eye out each week for the What to Wear with White Bear post.

This week I found some beautiful boho items that would spice up your spring and summer wardrobe.


Boho outfit week 1The skirt is a fun maxi skirt made by Bankokpants.  I found this skirt on Amazon.  It has gorgeous colors and features a mandala and lace pattern.

Bankokpants Women’s Long Hippie Bohemian Skirt Flowers                                                On Sale $17.95


The shirt, by Anna Kaci, is an off the shoulder boho style smocked waist top.  I also found this on amazon.  It comes in three colors.  The black is a perfect accent to the maxi shirt helping its brilliant colors pop!

Anna-Kaci Boho Style Smocked Waist Top


Where can I start with those absolutely adorable sandals by Not Rated?  The fringe…the black chain accents…These shoes are just a must have.  They go perfectly into a boho wardrobe and accent the skirt perfectly!   Again I found these must haves on

Not Rated Women’s Keep the Peace Dress Sandal                                                                              $49.99


I have accented the outfit with two pieces of White Bear’s Boho Heaven line.

Taliesin Turquiose Magnesite Earrings, Magnesite jewelry, magnesite jewelry

Taliesin Turquoise Magnesite Earrings match the teal color in the skirt magnificently.  These earrings will pop as they dangle down from your delicate earlobes.

Magnesite Pendant

The Skye pendant just screams out beauty when paired with the black off the shoulder shirt.  The black leather cord ties the pendant into the entire outfit.



I challenge you all to go out and find pieces that inspire the gypsy in you.  See you next week with more of What to Wear with White Bear!

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Earrings: All about style

Taliesin Turquiose Magnesite Earrings, Magnesite jewelry, magnesite jewelry


Earrings are one of White Bear’s favorite accessories.  They can be dressed up and casual.  There is a style for every personality.  These adornment have been worn by both men and women since at least 3000 B.C.E.  They are mentioned in the bible and are seen in ancient carvings.  Earrings have been used to show social and political standing, cultural identity, and spiritual affiliation.  They have even been used as currency!  Earrings are the first version of body modification.

Earring Styles


Studs are the simplest form of earring.  They rest on the earlobe and appear to not be held on by a closure on the back of the ear.  Studs are very stable and rarely fall out of the earlobe when worn.


Hoops are the oldest type of earring.  They were once worn by ancient tribesmen. Hoops can be simple or very complicated.  They are round as the name suggests and are made to look like circles that are going through the earlobe.


Tribal style earrings can be found all over the world.  Jhumkas, or Indian tribal earrings are very popular.  They are long dangly and chandelier like.  This is a favored style  here at White Bear.  They can easily be paired with a bohemian style or with a fancy gown.


Dangles are long earrings usually an inch or longer.  They can be fancy or casual.

Dangle Drop

Dangle drops are a type of dangle earring.  They feature teardrop or briolette shaped bead that elegantly dangles from the earlobe.  They can be dangled from a French hook or a stud earring.

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