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Titanium: The Cure for Your Metal Allergy

If you are like me you are a very sensitive person and I am not just talking emotions.  My skin is sensitive to literally everything; scents, perfumes, dyes, and nickel are big no no’s for me.  So wearing earrings was also a big no because the ear posts inevitably caused my lobes to swell, itch, and become just plain unbearable.  I had given up on wearing earrings of any sort.  I loved to wear sterling silver but even that had become a nightmare.  I was always jealous of the cute earrings that my mother would wear.  She quite literally has a pair for everything!  We would ogle all the costume earrings in every store we went to and that is all I could do was stare and say “Hey mom, you should get these ones!  I would totally wear them”.   When I began to create jewelry I desperately wanted to make myself a pair of earrings.  I felt horrible because I couldn’t and I started to think about all the ladies out there in my same situation.  There had to be a solution to our metal allergy.  There just had to be!  I spent hours on the internet searching for a metal that wouldn’t cause all of my issues.  I came across titanium…it just had to be the miracle I was looking for!  Titanium is 100% biocompatible meaning it doesn’t cause that itchy, swelling and painful reaction.  It is used in knee and hip transplants and for pinning broken bones.  But could it be used in jewelry? Did they sell it in a form that I could shape into earring wires and hooks?   So I began to search in all the known places for titanium wire.  And I found it!! I was so excited I ordered it right away.  When I got the wire, I learned two very important things.  Titanium is very strong (as strong as steel) and was very light weight (about 60% lighter than steel).  I was in heaven.  I immediately set out to make myself an experimental set of earrings.  I wore them for hours at a time.  I even slept in them.  Guess what?!  No reaction at all.  I was still a bit weary.  My daughter asked if we could get second piercings in our ears and since she did so well on her report card I took her out and we priced out our earrings.  You will never believe it, they had a set of titanium piercing earrings.  So I jumped on it.  I have worn those studs in my ears for over  a year now without removing them and still no reaction.  That is why titanium ear wires are now a signature here at White Bear Jewelry.  Every woman should have the chance to feel beautiful and to experience the ability to own any cute pair of earrings they want!  So take a look around and don’t be afraid White Bear earrings won’t get a reaction other than the compliments of your friends.