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What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Timjan Designs

Timjan Designs


What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Timjan Designs

I spent quite sometime scouring the depths of Etsy to find this week’s amazing designer (yes I know its Monday and not Friday *grins*).  Her name is Emelie Viola Ekenberg aka Emelie Timjan.  Emelie hails from the great land of Sweden.  She spends each winter in India with her amazing team of expert tailors, pattern makers and her as Emelie describes,  “steaming hot assistant”. Ms. Ekenberg began making and designing clothing for her Barbie dolls when she was very young and then clothing for herself as she grew older.   Mother nature is the focus of Timjan Designs.  They strive to only create with ecologically sustainable materials such as cotton, hemp, linen and nettle.  Most of the fabrics are dyed using vegetable dyes with nettle being the exception.  It isn’t dyed at all.   They are also extremely sensitive to fair trade conditions.  All of their materials are bought from trusted sources.  The skilled crafts people that are hired work under fair and compassionate conditions.  Emelie says that there is a lot of singing and laughter in every piece that is made.

What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Timjan Designs


Emelie’s personal style changes but the love of the Indian culture and people are evident in her designs.  I love the free spirit I see in each piece, showing off its own personality.  The soft rich color pallet she uses in the designs are breathtaking.  She shares the gypsy and steampunk areas of inspiration with me.  If I could wear nothing but her clothing you would be seeing me in it everyday.   Her yoga pants alone look like the most comfy yoga pants EVER! Along with her gorgeous What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Timjan Designsclothing the designer also makes bags, belts, corsets, and gloves.  I just can’t say enough about all of the products I keep ogling over on her Etsy store.  They all just inspire me to sit down and get creating!  That’s one of the things I love most about searching out handmade designers and creators.  Each one gives me a bit more inspiration!

You can find Timjan Designs on Etsy, Instagram, and Tumblr.  I highly suggest you keep an eye on this amazing design team.




Two of my favorite pieces would go wonderfully with Timjan Designs.  First Crescent Moon Circletis the Crescent Moon Circlet.  This fun headpiece would go wonderfully with Emelie’s bohemian designs.   The circlet is made from vintage chains and accents with moonstones and hematite beads.  The focal rests on the forehead giving a mystical look to the piece.

Another piece that would be awesome with any of the Timjan’s designs Burnt Embers Gypsy cuff, slave bracelet, jasper, jasper jewelry, copper, copper jewelryis the type of bracelet that we here at White Bear Jewelry call the gypsy cuff.  The old terminology for this type of bracelet is the slave bracelet for its reminiscent of the jeweled shackles worn by harem girls.  The Burnt Embers Copper Cuff Bracelet, pictured on the right is a gorgeous gypsy cuff made of bare copper and rainbow jasper.   Gypsy cuffs are very sexy and very bohemian.


Keep on searching for your true selves besties and remember that you are always Beautifully Free and Beautifully You!


Much love and many blessings,












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