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What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Mimetik

What to Wear with White Bear featuring Mimetik
Mimetik Wedding Gowns

What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Mimetik

Wedding season is upon us Sisters!  So lets get the party started!  I was a boho bride!  I wanted to have a magickal wedding (yes magickal with a K) with the perfect bohemian everything!  But what in the heck makes a wedding bohemian? What do you wear? What flowers do you use?  Do you wear a veil or a headdress?  I know that I searched for what felt like forever for the right dress.  I wish that I had found the designer I am featuring today.  Mireia Solsona makes and designs gorgeous bohemian wedding dresses!  The collage above shows just a few of the gorgeous dresses in Mireia’s Etsy shop, Mimetik. She also designs beautiful bride’s maids dresses that your ladies would not be embarrassed to wear. *grins sheepishly*

Bohemian wedding dresses are just as beautiful and intricate as traditional wedding dresses.  However, they are not your typical frilly and princess poof dresses.  Boho dresses feature lots of lace and flowing fabrics.  They are both elegant and free spirited.  These dresses show off the true sexiness of being yourself on your special day.  There are no rules in a bohemian wedding.  Just like there are no rules to a bohemian wedding dress.  Mireia dresses are fantastically free spirited with rich romance sewn in.  She makes her dresses to fit your measurements so there are no sizing issues.  Mireia also designs everyday dresses that are as equally fabulous as her wedding designs.  She also designs dresses that can be worn in a myriad of ways.  Her brand is grounded in convertible fashion and inspired by the native costumes and fabrics that she came to adore.  You can see more of Mimetik’s gorgeous dresses at the Etsy Shop.

Now for a bit about the designer.  Mireia was originally an architect!  She loves to travel.  Through her travels she became very interested in the cultures and traditional costumes of those cultures.  This interest led to Mireia changing her profession and entered into the world of fashion design.  In 2007 she launched Mimetikbnc which is located in Barcelona, Spain.   Mireia is also very close to her family and has a white Labrador named, Pluto!  You can read more about Mireia on her Etsy profile.


You can pair these dresses with our new Bohemian Bride Jewelry line!  So make sure that you check out both Mimetik and White Bear’s beautiful free spirited creations.


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