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What to Wear with White Bear

What to Wear with White Bear
Clothing by Blonde Vagabond

What to Wear with White Bear Featuring Blonde Vagabond

Welcome to the new What to Wear with White Bear segment.   Last week I let you know that I would begin to scour the cyber universe to find gorgeous handmade clothing, shoes and accessories that would rock with some of our jewelry.  As most of you know already *big cheesy grin* I have a gypsy soul and it comes out in my jewelry.  I have always loved the idea of gypsies.  These free people that travel in awesome little caravans who dance and sing and tell fortunes.  I know it is a bit romanticized but there it is.  Everyone has a fantasy and mine is to be a gypsy!  Now back to the article *giggle snort* I have spent the last week searching through etsy to find a fashion designer and maker that sparked my wild side.  I came across Alisha von Fleck  and her awesome store Blonde Vagabond.  Alisha hails from Northern California and spends her time traveling.  In the about section on Etsy she explains that she spends time in India, Thailand and Brazil.  She is inspired by different cultures and tribes that she has fortunately met in her wanderings.

I was floored by the beautiful colors and patterns that are in the textiles that she uses in her dresses.  They inspired the artist in me and I felt the need to gather my pen and paper and start drawing.   Alisha designs the dresses so that they can be worn in many different ways.  My absolute favorite element is the hood!  It adds a bit of mystery and sexiness. I love that the hoods are large and don’t restrain the hair of the models.  The dresses aren’t just mini.  Alisha also makes longer versions to wear like a tunic and maxi dresses.  Who doesn’t adore a maxi dress?!  If you love her look like I do please check out her links below.  She is also on instagram @blonde_Vagabond.  I have already followed her.  I suggest you do the same.  Alisha also has a blog so make sure to check that out.

Here are the links to Blonde Vagabond’s pages.  Please check them out and if you belong to etsy love her shop and add her to your favorites.  I have and I am super excited to see what she comes out with next.

Blonde Vagabond on Etsy

Blonde Vagabond on Facebook

Oh and if you do purchase something for Alisha make sure to send her a picture of you wearing what you bought for 10% off your next purchase!

My friends never forget to stay true to who you are.  Don’t let society back you into a corner and make you turn your individual spirit into conformity.  Speak out against what is wrong and speak up for what is right.  Let Freedom Live my friends.  She should never perish from this Earth.


P.S. If you know a handmade designer and think that they match the style of White Bear Jewelry let me know.  I would love to feature them! Until next time I will continue to seek after awesome designers for you!




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  1. Hi my name is James I was wondering how to go about putting my jeans out there to the public if you would like to see then you can look me up on fb under James Raymond muldoon I have a few pics on there , I’m not very computer savvy thanks .

    1. I will definitely look you up. So look for a friend request!

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