Uaine Sterling Silver Bridal Necklace


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Named after the Old Celtic word for bright green, Uaine, this necklace is breathtakingly delicate.  The handcrafted pendant is 3 3/4 inches long.  Its wire components are sterling silver filled wire and the main component is sterling silver.  Three graceful dangles hang from each side.  These dangles made up of the gem that the piece is named for, Peridot.  Its bright green color screams spring.  The designer used this gem because the color reminded her of the small fragile first leaves on a trees.  Small white seashells dangle among the Peridot.  The longest dangle ends in a teardrop shaped Earth Jasper stone.  The chains connected to the pendant are 100% handcrafted.  Each small link is two spirals symbolizing the eternal love of two beings.  These chains then connect to sterling silver filled chain and the handmade infinity clasp.   The chain is 18 inches long.   Start your eternal life together today with this one-of-a-kind necklace!


Uaine at a Glance

  • 18 inch long handcrafted chain with 3 3/4 inch long pendant
  • Features Peridot and jasper
  • made from .925 Sterling Silver and Silver filled wire
  • One-of-a-kind for your special day

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