Ice Princess Circlet


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The Ice Princess Circlet is the perfect addition to a bohemian bridal ensemble.  The sterling silver plated steel chain headdress drips with faceted quartz making it sparkle in the sunlight.  The center stone of the forehead pendant is a tumbled quartz pebble that was found on a beach.  It is delicately woven with sterling silver filled wire.  The circlet was made to fit the average size female head so fit will vary according to your head circumference.


A circlet is an ancient form of a crown.  In ancient times wearing one meant you were a person of great importance. So it is very fitting for a bride to wear one.  Think of a circlet as a tiara of ancient times.  It was saved for royalty.  Circlets were commonly used by the royals of ancient Celtic Tribes.  They have been used in many fantasy movies such as the Lord of the Ring series, making them great to have for renaissance fairs, Celtic appreciation festivals, and Medieval role and cosplay.  The Ice Princess Circlet was inspired by the Celtic circlets and gypsy headdresses.


Ice Princess Circlet at a Glance

  • Made of faceted and wire wrapped quartz, silver plated steel chain and sterling silver filled wire wrapping
  • Fits the average female head
  • Great for brides and role players




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