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The Beauty of a Woman

The Beauty of a Woman

One of the missions that White Bear Jewelry has is to showcase the beauty, strength and spirit of women everywhere.  As a part of fulfilling this special mission I have combed through tons of photos of the absolutely beautiful women in order to bring you this video called The Beauty of a Woman.

I want to say a special thank you to all the ladies in the video: Angie Skelton, Kelsea Dunn, Rita Meneses, Maureen Cervantes, Dianna and Alayna Matthews, Lucyann and Brittany Saturino, Christine Lewis, Chelley Kraft, Grace Brown, Diane Reynolds, Jamie and Carin White, Lynn Heiss, Myra Jeffrey, Jessica Coulter, Jessica Quinn, Regina James, Phyllis Christaldi, Sarah Combs, Susan Fuchs, Stephanie Taylor, Stephanie Hall, Dana McLaughlin, Kathleen Cook, Michelle Ortiz, Marquita Robinson, Stephanie Dobos, and Denise Ernest.  Without you this project would have never been conceived because I have the most beautiful women in the world to inspire me.  You have all taught me that the beauty of a woman is not only in her face or the curves of her body but in the smile she wears, the love in her heart, and the strength in her soul.

There is so much body shaming going on in today’s world that it is scary. Women of the world stand up together and change the face of beauty.  Our daughters grow up believing they must a certain size, have a certain hair color, paint on their faces and wear next to nothing to be beautiful.  Somewhere the sexiness found in the mystery of a woman has been lost.

I chose Firework by Katy Perry as the song to accompany the movie. I hope the reasons for this are as evident to you as they are to me.


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