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The Beauty of a Woman

The Beauty of a Woman

One of the missions that White Bear Jewelry has is to showcase the beauty, strength and spirit of women everywhere.  As a part of fulfilling this special mission I have combed through tons of photos of the absolutely beautiful women in order to bring you this video called The Beauty of a Woman.

I want to say a special thank you to all the ladies in the video: Angie Skelton, Kelsea Dunn, Rita Meneses, Maureen Cervantes, Dianna and Alayna Matthews, Lucyann and Brittany Saturino, Christine Lewis, Chelley Kraft, Grace Brown, Diane Reynolds, Jamie and Carin White, Lynn Heiss, Myra Jeffrey, Jessica Coulter, Jessica Quinn, Regina James, Phyllis Christaldi, Sarah Combs, Susan Fuchs, Stephanie Taylor, Stephanie Hall, Dana McLaughlin, Kathleen Cook, Michelle Ortiz, Marquita Robinson, Stephanie Dobos, and Denise Ernest.  Without you this project would have never been conceived because I have the most beautiful women in the world to inspire me.  You have all taught me that the beauty of a woman is not only in her face or the curves of her body but in the smile she wears, the love in her heart, and the strength in her soul.

There is so much body shaming going on in today’s world that it is scary. Women of the world stand up together and change the face of beauty.  Our daughters grow up believing they must a certain size, have a certain hair color, paint on their faces and wear next to nothing to be beautiful.  Somewhere the sexiness found in the mystery of a woman has been lost.

I chose Firework by Katy Perry as the song to accompany the movie. I hope the reasons for this are as evident to you as they are to me.


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What to Wear with White Bear

This week has been crazy busy for us here at White Bear Jewelry.  Creating a new line is always stressful, exciting, and ultimately fun.  This week I wanted to share a little bit with you about what goes on behind the scenes here at White Bear Jewelry, a little something about who helps me through my process and what inspires me to create.

What to Wear with White Bear Featuring the Crew

IMG_2605First, this is me!  Sarah Stewart-Skelton, designer and creator here at White Bear Jewelry.  I began making jewelry when I was first diagnosed with NASH (a liver disease that was discovered just a few years ago and is being studied).  I am not allowed to hold regular work because of the symptoms so I needed to find something that I loved and do it.  And I found shiny things and started putting them together! Since then I have reached out and learned so many new techniques.  I have obtained my certificate in jewelry design from The New York Institute of Art and Design in Manhattan, NYC.  So exciting for me YAY!!!  Wire working and simple metal working are my current forte but I am quickly learning more advanced metal working skills. So look out world here I come!  I am inspired by a lot of cultures around the world.  I have always valued my freedom and fantasized about the gypsy lifestyle.  So it was easy for me to design bohemian jewelry.  I am also inspired by Steampunk and enjoy tinkering with watches, watch parts and vintage findings.  I love nature and the glorious things that God has created.  The colors and textures found in nature are amazing.  I use natural objects such as gems and sea shells as much as I can.  I truly enjoy working with silver and copper.  I am also an artist and enjoy drawing and painting.  Patterns fascinate me.




This handsome man next to me is my husband Shawn Skelton.  He is my quality control man.  He inspects every item for jagged edges and wires that stick out.  He is not afraid to look at me and say “Is this wire supposed to be sticking out?” or “This part right here feels rough”. I am so thankful to him and his amazing sense of touch.  He also helps me make some design decisions when I get stuck, like “hey honey does this chain seem to be to big to you?” He is an awesome support system.  He always has my back physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I could never have asked for a better partner in crime.







This lovely young lady is my daughter, Angie.  She is my fashion trend consultant.  This girl has her finger on the pulse of fashion daily.  She wants to be a photographer and cosmetician when she grows up, which isn’t really that far away! UGH….LOL  She is a brilliant young lady with a bright future ahead of her no matter what she decides to do.








This little guy is William,  my youngest son and my apprentice.  Whenever I am working this little guy is right there with me.  When I finish a piece he eagerly runs it over to his dad for the quality control appraisal and then back to me for fixes or polishing.  He is so much fun to watch.  He is a very creative little man and enjoys playing with all of my tools and bits of large gauge wire.  I think he is going to be a musician, artist and jewelry designer when he gets older.  He just loves to create no matter the medium.









This cool dude is my son Nero!  He also loves to play with my tools and wire (not always when he is supposed to LOL).  He is my shipping assistant.  He helps me pack every piece that goes out to its new home.  Nero is an energetic 6 year old who loves to play video games, draw, and play outside.  When he grows up he would like to be “a chef, a fireman, or a policeman”.




IMG_2861   This is a little peek into what my worktable looks like on most creative days.  I surround myself with what I want to work on, materials that gave me ideas and put beautiful pictures in my head.  Most designers sit down and draw out what they want to create.  My creativity works a bit different.  I have to work on my ideas as they strike my brain.  A piece of wire, a bead, or a stone will tell me what I should do with it.  They call out their purposes to me.  I know it sounds a bit mystical but that’s what happens.  I am not the neatest of artists either.  My bench is usually cluttered and I constantly search for a tool that I just had and am now missing.  Teehee.  I find inspiration in common things like leaves and flowers and the wind.  My spirituality is really important to me.  I put a prayer in every piece.  I want my customers to have a feeling of peace and joy when they wear my creations.  I believe that every woman is exceptionally beautiful. God made them with purpose and personality!  Each woman should have a piece that is uniquely them.  A piece that when gazed upon feels like home, like it matches their inside, a soul mate in a jewelry sense.  I strive to make my jewelry like that.  I want you to feel that and to know that you can be Beautifully free and Beautifully you!


Many Blessings,




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What to Wear with White Bear

White Bear Jewelry, Sarah Stewart-Skelton, Sarah Skelton, Sarah Stewart

So I have been thinking really hard about what to include this week in what to wear.  I have been thinking so hard that I have come up with a most awesome idea.  From now on What to Wear with White Bear will be featuring handmade items.  If creators and artists don’t stand up for each other no one else will.  It is essential that in our current culture that we begin to take care of one another.  We need the artists and creators back.  We need the compassion, love, and passion back in our world.  So I am taking this concept and running with it.  If you see a handmade item or maker that you love please share it with me.  If you know someone who sells their handmade clothing and accessories let me know that too!  Tell them about my blog so we can communicate and share our creations together as the true bohemian movement would love.  I myself have contacted a few sellers from Etsy that have beautiful items and will use the rest of my weekend to keep doing the same.  As always Let Freedom Live!  Be free to be you cause you are the only you around!




#whiteroserevolt, White Rose society,


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Spirals: Spiritual Symbolism

Sprials, spiral


The spiral is not only a beautiful element in White Bear Jewelry.  It has been used since ancient times in art and in spirituality.  It is the oldest symbol used in human spirituality.  The symbol has been found on every continent in the world.  It is even found in nature!

Spirals Found in Nature

In mathematics, a spiral is something that starts at a middle point.  It then moves farther and farther away as it revolves around that point.  All spirals found in nature are based on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden number. Both the ratio and the number are found in a multitude of places.  It is very commonly found in plants. A few examples would be the pattern of sunflower seeds, the arrangement of rose petals, and the pattern in the leaves of some succulents.

spirals, symbolism,

The Spiral is also found in animals!  Snail shells and seashells are simple examples.  A goat’s horns and the eye’s on butterfly wings also follow the golden spiral.  You can even find it in the human body. The inner ear, outer ear, and fingerprints all have the golden spiral.

Spirals in Spirituality


The spiral is considered to be one of the oldest religious or spiritual symbols.   It symbolized the cycle of growth ad the ever evolving cycle of life and death.  It is a feminine symbol that stands for fertility, the womb and mothers.  It also symbolizes the connection between all people.  It is this that White Bear Jewelry celebrates!

Kai Red Agate Earrings, spirals


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Titanium: The Cure for Your Metal Allergy

If you are like me you are a very sensitive person and I am not just talking emotions.  My skin is sensitive to literally everything; scents, perfumes, dyes, and nickel are big no no’s for me.  So wearing earrings was also a big no because the ear posts inevitably caused my lobes to swell, itch, and become just plain unbearable.  I had given up on wearing earrings of any sort.  I loved to wear sterling silver but even that had become a nightmare.  I was always jealous of the cute earrings that my mother would wear.  She quite literally has a pair for everything!  We would ogle all the costume earrings in every store we went to and that is all I could do was stare and say “Hey mom, you should get these ones!  I would totally wear them”.   When I began to create jewelry I desperately wanted to make myself a pair of earrings.  I felt horrible because I couldn’t and I started to think about all the ladies out there in my same situation.  There had to be a solution to our metal allergy.  There just had to be!  I spent hours on the internet searching for a metal that wouldn’t cause all of my issues.  I came across titanium…it just had to be the miracle I was looking for!  Titanium is 100% biocompatible meaning it doesn’t cause that itchy, swelling and painful reaction.  It is used in knee and hip transplants and for pinning broken bones.  But could it be used in jewelry? Did they sell it in a form that I could shape into earring wires and hooks?   So I began to search in all the known places for titanium wire.  And I found it!! I was so excited I ordered it right away.  When I got the wire, I learned two very important things.  Titanium is very strong (as strong as steel) and was very light weight (about 60% lighter than steel).  I was in heaven.  I immediately set out to make myself an experimental set of earrings.  I wore them for hours at a time.  I even slept in them.  Guess what?!  No reaction at all.  I was still a bit weary.  My daughter asked if we could get second piercings in our ears and since she did so well on her report card I took her out and we priced out our earrings.  You will never believe it, they had a set of titanium piercing earrings.  So I jumped on it.  I have worn those studs in my ears for over  a year now without removing them and still no reaction.  That is why titanium ear wires are now a signature here at White Bear Jewelry.  Every woman should have the chance to feel beautiful and to experience the ability to own any cute pair of earrings they want!  So take a look around and don’t be afraid White Bear earrings won’t get a reaction other than the compliments of your friends.