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What to Wear with White Bear Featuring The Look Factory

The Look Factory
The Look Factory


What to Wear with White Bear Featuring The Look Factory

Ladies, festival season is upon us which means you need the look baby!  Well I found just the place to find it, The Look Factory!   Let me tell you the owner of this shop is uber talented.  Julie has degrees from university and law school and has also attended art school.  She is totally into vintage finds so she upcycles quite a bit.  Julie uses her daughter as a fashion consultant just like me! The pictures above are just a glimpse of the beautiful things that are in The Look Factory store.  Her bright colors and bold designs are classically bohemian.  Her hats and boots are to die for!  I am totally in love with the bohemian top hat that is in the center of this collage.  It is western meets gypsy and I adore it.  I think Calamity Jane, from Deadwood would have rocked this hat!  All of Julie’s dresses are twirl worthy.  I can just imagine spinning carefree in circles while listening to Led Zeppelin or Stevie Nicks.  She even jazzes things up a bit and has created a more sophisticated and dressy bohemian gown.  It is so sexy without revealing everything a girl owns if you get my drift *grins*.


Ok so I love the top hat so much I just have to pair it with my newest pair of earrings, NuriNuri, long dangle earrings, purple, copper, spiral, wire weave, wire wrapThe purple and copper in these earrings accentuates the gorgeous colors found in the hat!   They would also go beautifully with the bohemian gown.  The length of the earrings would lead down to the v neck of the gown creating an elongating affect.    Luljeta, copper statement necklace, statement necklace, jasper, blue sky jasper, teal, handcrafted, handmade


The Luljeta copper statement necklace would go perfectly with both of the dresses that are in the collage above.  The teal green and chocolate brown of the blue sky jasper is a breathtaking combination partnered with the rustic feel of bare copper.


Teal and purple are my two most favorite colors so of course I love to see them together. They make me think of flowers and oceans.  I just have to point out that these two colors are on the bell bottom jeans in the picture *melts in her chair*.  Both of the White Bear designs would go with these jeans.  I am wishing I had a pair.  I hope that you have fallen in love with The Looks Factory as much as I have.  If you are an etsy shopper please make her store one of your favorites.  I already have.


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As always ladies remember that you are beautiful just being you.  Don’t let the world tell you otherwise.  Let your soul shine through and your freedom play in your smile!


Much Love and Many Blessings,



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