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What to Wear with White Bear

White Bear Jewelry, Sarah Stewart-Skelton, Sarah Skelton, Sarah Stewart

So I have been thinking really hard about what to include this week in what to wear.  I have been thinking so hard that I have come up with a most awesome idea.  From now on What to Wear with White Bear will be featuring handmade items.  If creators and artists don’t stand up for each other no one else will.  It is essential that in our current culture that we begin to take care of one another.  We need the artists and creators back.  We need the compassion, love, and passion back in our world.  So I am taking this concept and running with it.  If you see a handmade item or maker that you love please share it with me.  If you know someone who sells their handmade clothing and accessories let me know that too!  Tell them about my blog so we can communicate and share our creations together as the true bohemian movement would love.  I myself have contacted a few sellers from Etsy that have beautiful items and will use the rest of my weekend to keep doing the same.  As always Let Freedom Live!  Be free to be you cause you are the only you around!




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