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What to Wear with White Bear

What to Wear with White Bear


What to Wear with White Bear

So who else wonders what you can wear to casual Friday at work while showing off your free style and free spirit?  This week we are showing off a handpicked (by me) outfit that does just that!  As promised this week features pants, more precisely everyone’s go to casual pants, JEANS!  We all know that we can’t wear sweatpants to work unless we are fortunate enough to be physical trainer.  HAHA so that is where we will start.

The jeans pictured are Levi’s 315 Shaping Boot cut Jeans.  I choose the traditional blue denim color but these cute numbers come in 5 different colors.  So you can mix and match as you like.  These jeans are so easy to find.  You can find them anywhere Levi’s jeans are sold or you can go straight to the source and buy them off of their website for $55.00.

315 Shaping Boot Cut Jeans by Levi’s

The top comes to us from  The Back Road Ramble Top is both bohemian and business casual.  It is perfect for casual Friday. It has an awesomely fun pattern with bold color choices making it easy to match to any cami.  You can find this top for $44.99

Back Road Ramble Top in Mosaic

The shoes I chose for this outfit are perfect 70’s throwbacks!  The Cordani Tulum Platform Sandal is a must have for the spring and summer gypsy girl.  It is made of genuine leather and has metallic studs at the welts.  The platform is roughly 2 inches in height and the heel is about 4.75 inches.  So if you are looking for a bit of a height lift these are perfect.  I love these because for a girl of my height (5’9″) I get to put these on and feel like an Amazon!  You can get these lovelies on for $103.92 or less.

Cordani Tulum Platform Sandal


I paired some pretty cool White Bear pieces with the outfit this week.

Citrine Shimmer Copper Cuff Bracelet is a perfect accent to the yellow found in the Back Road Ramble Top.  It blings nicely thanks to the faceted Citrine beads.  The copper of the cuff blends nicely with the top and stands out against the dark denim of the jeans.

Spiral Midi Ring Trio is a great accent to the Citrine Shimmer Copper Cuff Bracelet.  They make your fingers fun!


I hope you continued to be inspired to be yourself no matter what!

—- Sarah


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