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Spirals: Spiritual Symbolism

Sprials, spiral


The spiral is not only a beautiful element in White Bear Jewelry.  It has been used since ancient times in art and in spirituality.  It is the oldest symbol used in human spirituality.  The symbol has been found on every continent in the world.  It is even found in nature!

Spirals Found in Nature

In mathematics, a spiral is something that starts at a middle point.  It then moves farther and farther away as it revolves around that point.  All spirals found in nature are based on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden number. Both the ratio and the number are found in a multitude of places.  It is very commonly found in plants. A few examples would be the pattern of sunflower seeds, the arrangement of rose petals, and the pattern in the leaves of some succulents.

spirals, symbolism,

The Spiral is also found in animals!  Snail shells and seashells are simple examples.  A goat’s horns and the eye’s on butterfly wings also follow the golden spiral.  You can even find it in the human body. The inner ear, outer ear, and fingerprints all have the golden spiral.

Spirals in Spirituality


The spiral is considered to be one of the oldest religious or spiritual symbols.   It symbolized the cycle of growth ad the ever evolving cycle of life and death.  It is a feminine symbol that stands for fertility, the womb and mothers.  It also symbolizes the connection between all people.  It is this that White Bear Jewelry celebrates!

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