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Necklaces: What do you mean princess length?


Necklaces are a type of jewelry that is worn around the neck.  They are usually made of a flexible material such as chains or beads on silk or leather cord.  Necklaces have been found in archeological digs that have dated back to 4200 B.C.E.  They represent wealth, prestige, political or social position.  Some have special cultural of spiritual meanings.   A necklace can vary in length and reflect a person’s sense of style.  White Bear strives to make jewelry that captures what makes each person special.  You will find a variety of necklaces, in all lengths, colors, gemstones, and types.

Necklaces: What is each length called?

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The length of the necklace can help you to decide what to wear it with.  It can also be important to the comfort of the wearer.  The majority of those made by White Bear Jewelry fall between 16 and 20 inches, making them fit into the choker and princess categories.

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