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Earrings: All about style

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Earrings are one of White Bear’s favorite accessories.  They can be dressed up and casual.  There is a style for every personality.  These adornment have been worn by both men and women since at least 3000 B.C.E.  They are mentioned in the bible and are seen in ancient carvings.  Earrings have been used to show social and political standing, cultural identity, and spiritual affiliation.  They have even been used as currency!  Earrings are the first version of body modification.

Earring Styles


Studs are the simplest form of earring.  They rest on the earlobe and appear to not be held on by a closure on the back of the ear.  Studs are very stable and rarely fall out of the earlobe when worn.


Hoops are the oldest type of earring.  They were once worn by ancient tribesmen. Hoops can be simple or very complicated.  They are round as the name suggests and are made to look like circles that are going through the earlobe.


Tribal style earrings can be found all over the world.  Jhumkas, or Indian tribal earrings are very popular.  They are long dangly and chandelier like.  This is a favored style  here at White Bear.  They can easily be paired with a bohemian style or with a fancy gown.


Dangles are long earrings usually an inch or longer.  They can be fancy or casual.

Dangle Drop

Dangle drops are a type of dangle earring.  They feature teardrop or briolette shaped bead that elegantly dangles from the earlobe.  They can be dangled from a French hook or a stud earring.

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